Do I really need to change my trainers?

Popped into my local running shoe shop, the most excellent independent shop Sole Obession in Fisherton Street Salisbury, at the weekend to buy a new pair of trail shoes. Got talking to the owner (the always enthusiastic Simon Royle) about running as I usually do and onto the subject of shoe choice. Simon definitely knows an awful lot about running shoes but one thing he always insists on is never telling people what he runs in.

“It’s not  important. My feet are different to yours, I run differently to you. Why would what I wear suit you at all?”

I see a lot of discussion about the merits of this shoe, that shoe etc. and I’m always interested. But if I have found a shoe that works for me, why would I change just because someone else has found a shoe that works for them?

The latest shiny expensive thing might well be the running shoe that solves all your issues, equally it might be a bog standard shoe at the lower end of the market. There’s no knowing unless you try and trainers are not cheap so try and find a shop that will let you have a run outside in the shoes, or, even better, let you have them for a week.

But once you find the shoe that works then until the manufacturer changes it to the point where it no longer works for you then there really is no need to change for changes sake.

So, my new shoes, same as the old ones. I know they will work and I won’t get blisters. All good.

New Shoes, same as the old


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