From a virtual to a real club.

When I started getting in to this running lark back in 2014 I had no idea where it would lead. Looking for help, advice and like minded people I gravitated, as many did and do, to the online world where I found a bunch of people discussing running under the hashtag #ukrunchat. Eventually I ended up joining the virtual running club as a UKA registered ‘athlete’.

I have made many friends through ukrunchat in the intervening years and without it I would not have grown as a runner. I certainly wouldn’t have entered all the races I have done, both in the UK and abroad. I doubt I would ever have gone ultra on my own or thought about becoming a Run Leader.

Like all online communities it has changed over time but it is still an incredibly supportive place for new runners and long may that continue.

But now I must move on another step so I have joined a local club, New Forest Runners. I hope to make some club nights and it should add another dimension to my running.

I’ll still check up on the hashtag of course but there’s no point in being a member of two clubs so I’ll be shifting my registration across and not renewing my ukrunchat one. Thanks for all the support.


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