Packed and ready for holiday

Okay, it might not be the first thing I put in there (pants, always pants – you don’t want to run out of pants on holiday) but I’ll always find a place for my kit in the suitcase. Whether or not I’m in the middle of a training program or, as has happened this year, I’m in my rest period, I love to run when I’m away.

My holiday running will normally require a very early start as I’m invariably somewhere hot. An evening run is not an option – this is a holiday and some energy has to be saved for eating, drinking and dancing (one normally follows the other). Getting out early also means the traffic is light and you generally have the roads/trails to yourself.

early bird
Sei deutscher

On more than one occasion I have also taken advantage of the early start to reserve the finest sun loungers near the pool. I once received what I like to think of as a nod of acknowledgement and an invitation to share a few steins if I was ever in Berlin from a fellow holidaymaker who admired my adoption of this Germanic practice.

Be contactable and stay safe

Unlike at home I don’t have any idea of the route I’ll follow so it’s useful to take the phone and some money. If possible I’ll find a trail but otherwise a quiet road or even a beachside pathway will do. Make sure you feel safe in yourself wherever you go.

I have on occasion encountered dogs which are less than friendly, generally they’re just looking after the property they live in. If I see one barking and there’s an open driveway, I will walk past. If approached on the road I act ultra passive, don’t make any sudden movements and always keep my hands away from the dog and don’t stare it down. Not been bitten yet.

Stop and admire the view

It is a holiday after all and you get to see a lot of stuff many people won’t. You’ll probably find a restaurant, bar or shop you’d never have come across, or possibly a hidden beach.

the view
From a trail run in the Algarve – 2016

And of course, that post-run breakfast by the pool will be well earned. If your family are like mine you can get a run in, have a shower and enjoy a good half hour leisurely breakfast before anyone else gets up!

When else can you enjoy a beer for breakfast!

Cheers, enjoy your holiday running.






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